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CMSMS 1.11.11 San Cristobal

Denne utgivelsen inkluderer noen mindre kjernemodul forbedringer, inkludert en oppgradering til MicroTiny for å forbedre IE11 støtte, Modul Mannnager Hjelp og Om fikser, Og en fiks for sortering etter kategori i Nyheter modulen.
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09. august 2014

Announcing CMSMS 1.11.11 - San Cristobal

Category:General Releases 
09. 08. 2014 by Robert Campbell

As part of our commitment to maintain the 1.11.x series of CMS Made Simple during the development of 2.0, the Dev Team is pleased to announce this maintenance release.

This release includes some minor core module improvements, including an upgrade to MicroTiny to improve IE11 support, Module Manager help & about display fixes, and a fix for sorting by category in the News module.

Core improvements include module loading, installer timezone handling, and various minor security and performance updates and bugfixes. Specific fixes are listed in the changelog.

All users are encouraged to update their installations of CMSMS at their earliest convenience. As of this release, the only officially supported releases are 1.11.10 and 1.11.11. Requests for support for older versions will be moved out of the official support section of the forum. It is our plan to continue support for the 1.11.x series for one year (365 days) after CMSMS 2.0 is released.

Thank you for your time, and have fun with your favourite content management system.

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